Hole-in-One Club

Score a Hole in One in 2014 and be honored here! Good Luck!
2014 Hole-in-Ones
NAME                            HOLE      CLUB
Ray Dilley                     12th        pitching wedge
Andy Krause                 2nd        7 iron
Peter Dendel                 2nd        7 iron
Paul Sfreddo                 14th       8 iron
Doug Murphy               12th       9 iron
Steve Bacha                   14th       8 iron
2013 Hole-in-Ones
NAME                            HOLE      CLUB
Ginger Baptist             14th        8 iron
Amy Maier                   14th        sand wedge
Keith Richardson        2nd        7 iron
Scott McGaw                 2nd        8 iron
Gary Guider                14th         7 iron
Chris Ballow                  2nd        7 iron
Larry LeBlanc               7th        6 iron
Darrin Uhlig                18th        3 hybrid